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■ Our Privacy Policy

URASAKI TRADING Co.,Ltd, believes that it is our duty to society to properly handle personal information, and to ensure thorough protection of that information. To do so, we diligently undertake the following pertinent protection and management of personal information. 

1.Purpose of Use of Personal Information 

URASAKI TRADING Co.,Ltd will use personal information provided to it only within the limits of the purposes as described below.

To respond to the inquiries, desires, consultations, requests, etc., of customers.
To execute contract agreements with customers.
For the smooth execution of URASAKI TRADING Co.,Ltd, sales, services, and rentals of the products it handles.
In order to submit information concerning the sales, services, and rentals of the products the Company handles.
In addition, in order to communicate items from the Company to the customer whenever such a necessity arises.

2.Safety Policy regarding Personal Information

Our Company makes every effort to ensure the secure control and operation of the personal information of its customers. We implement rational and appropriate safety policies to prevent access by third parties, leaks, loss, alterations, etc. We also ensure that all employees have a thorough knowledge and understanding of Company safety policies.

3.Disclosure and Offering of Personal Information

URASAKI TRADING Co.,Ltd never offers to a third party the personal information of customers other than in the following listed cases:

When consent has been received from the customer.
A case as based on a stipulation of law or regulation.
In a case when it is considered necessary for the benefit of the customer or of the general public.
A case where such is otherwise permitted by law or regulation.

4.Joint Use of Personal Information

URASAKI TRADING Co.,Ltd, in order to proceed smoothly with our business activities, uses jointly with its tie-up partners and consignment firms the personal information submitted by its customers. In doing so, in order to aptly protect this personal information, among our Company and companies jointly using this information, we implement rational and appropriate safety policies. 

[Personal Information that is Used Jointly]
Customer name, address, telephone number, product sales history, service (inspections, repairs, etc.) history, rental history 

[Scope of Joint Use]
With business tie-up partners and consignment companies of URASAKI TRADING Co.,Ltd in the businesses of sales, services, rentals, etc.

5.Personal Information and Other Information

No information that can identify an individual customer (i.e., name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) will be collected on this web site without the consent of customers. Further, information that cannot be used to identify individual customers may be collected without consent for the purposes of improving the convenience of this web site for users, and for the improvement of the site itself.

URASAKI TRADING Co.,Ltd, conforms to and obeys the laws and regulations, and other prescriptions, of Japan concerning the handling of the personal information of customers. We perform regular periodic audits concerning such, and we are always striving for continuous improvements.

7.Disclosure, Revision, or Deletion of Personal Information

In the case where the customer who has provided personal information desires the disclosure, revision, or deletion of such personal information, the Company will respond within a rational range. In such a case, we ask that you please contact us at the following number For inquiries regarding the Protection of Personal Information, please contact us at: 


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